Tight Short Skirt Stocking Tease

naughty office

Now this particular teasing secretary has the knack of turning on the charm for the men around the office who matter. The power brokers, the players, the alpha males who are in a position to give this sexy office girl a leg up on the career ladder. Indeed, it’s a cause of some resentment among the more junior office males that a humble secretary is rising through the ranks faster than them. But hey, that’s the way the office tease cookie crumbles. Has she fucked her superiors? She’s far too discreet to say, and the regular office males and office girls are unable to get anywhere near her. But she turns up for work everyday in tight-fitting short skirt and black stockings. Today it’s a leather miniskirt…what will it be tomorrow? Stocking tease isn’t just for secretaries…it’s a way of life that a smart office girl can build an entire career on.

As a matter of fact, she’s been left in charge today while the Boss has gone to a conference. He’s just phoned her up to ask for a progress report…

stocking tease

“You keep talking, Sir. I’ll open my legs…”

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only tease

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