Sexy Boots And Stocking Tease

office sex

There’s a new female Boss at the office. She’s just been promoted having risen swiftly through the office ranks, and now occupies a senior position usually reserved for mature men. She got the job due to a combination of wit, intelligence and a fierce determination to get things done, although it has to be said that her sexy secretary outfits helped her cause too. She’d regularly turn up for work in tight-fitting short skirts and stockings, which was sexy enough in itself. But this particular office girl would complement the outfits with a pair of leather boots, and an almost gothic-like cloak which made her look majestic as she swept confidently round the office, eating up any foolhardy office males who dared to cross her path. Needless to say, her sexy stocking tease act put her well in front of all her male competitors when it came to clinching that all-important promotion.

So now the office males work for her, not with her. And if they miss their deadlines, they’ll be getting “The Look”…

stocking tease

“What time do you call this?”

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