Secretary Tight Skirt And Stockings

stocking tease

Uh-oh, what’s this…sexual harassment? Well I’d say that this busty secretary in stockings has most likely brought it on herself. I mean, she knows what her curves can do to the men around the office, but still she insists on dressing in such tight clothing. Tight tops, tight miniskirts…is it any wonder they provoke such a horny reaction? Most of the guys like to play it cool, act like they’ve seen it all before. Keep it in their pants, get on with their work. But there’s always one chancer who finds it difficult to contain himself when this stocking tease is around. He’s Mr Casual in his loose shirt and jeans. He doesn’t bother with conversation, foreplay or anything like that. He just sidles up behind this sexy office girl, raises her short skirt and starts grinding his crotch against her ass.

She could always complain to the Boss, of course, if this unwanted attention becomes too much. But the Boss will want a piece of her as well…

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