Secretary Tied Bound And Gagged

stocking tease

Now if a naughty office girl wears pantyhose to work instead of her usual stockings, then I’m afraid she has to face the consequences. In her eyes it’s the same material, and it adorns her sexy legs in the same way. But her Boss takes a rather dim view of such attire, because he has a serious stocking fetish. He recalls how it was written in the secretary’s contract that she would be “advised” to wear black stockings to work everyday. But our slutty office babe seems not to have heeded this advice. Her business suit and miniskirt are OK, as is the upskirt peek of her white panties. But pantyhose will not do at all. The Boss likes easy access and, as much as he enjoys ripping open the material, he doesn’t like to have his entrance to her pussy blocked when he needs to unload his executive stress.

Only one thing for it then. She’ll have to be punished. Spanking would be a fitting punishment, but the Boss thinks she would enjoy that too much. So it is with a heavy heart that he has to bring out the masking tape. Strap her arms to the chair, gag her mouth, and pull the offending pantyhose down to her knees. That’ll teach her…or will it?

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