Secretary Tease In Stockings

Of course, being the Boss does bring with it special perks and privileges. It allows one to roam around the office with an air of confidence and authority. Been there, done that…unlike these up-and-cumming young bucks who have yet to prove themselves. And most importantly, it allows one to bag sexy office tease girl Stacey. Stacey of course turns up for work each day in sexy short skirt and black stockings, but there’s always an element of the unexpected that separates her from the secretary tease pack. She has this way of pursing her lips that makes her look really bitchy, although she’s a bit too ahead of the game to have to actually be bitchy. The office males don’t deserve it, and the other office girls are trailing in her wake.

And even the Boss has to surrender control to this particular stocking tease. So while he’s tied to the bed, naked and blindfolded, Stacey slips away to get ready in the bathroom…

stocking tease

“You wouldn’t disturb a girl while she’s putting on her thigh high boots, would you?”

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only tease

naughty office


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