Secretary Stockings And Suspenders

stocking tease

My favourite secretary stocking teasers are those who flash their stockings accidentally, or incidentally. They’re not looking, but they know which office males are looking. Call it a sixth sense, an inuition which will get them very far in their office careers. Sexy British secretary Sabrina is one of these consummate stocking tease babes. A sharp cookie who’s feeling more than a little frustrated in her lowly secretary job, she’s more than happy to give her male office colleagues a little cause for distraction, while she keeps her eyes firmly fixed on the main prize. Dressed for work in a sexy business suit with pinstripe miniskirt and tan stockings, she’s doing a passable impression of the dumb blonde that all the office males want to see. But she’s not blonde, and she certainly isn’t dumb. She’s a clever careerist who raises her skirt to raise your cock. She’ll raise you every time.

So do you like her pink suspenders then?

See more secretary stockings pics of Sabrina here

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Sabrina’s UK stocking fetish

sabrinas stockings

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