Secretary Stockings And Leg Tease

stocking tease

The thing with job interviews is that it’s important to make the right impression from the word go. So as the teasing secretary sits in the waiting room going over those last-minute notes, it’s important to sit correctly. Upright, professional, high heels pointing flirtatiously, and smooth sexy legs with stocking tops showing. The Boss will be coming out to call individual candidates one by one, so it’s important that the blonde babe uses her visual appeal and catches the corner of his eye. Perhaps a wry smile if he looks approvingly, or perhaps not. The aim, of course, is to heighten the anticipation and make the Boss want to interview her, and want to give her the job. So that, if this sexy office girl is called in last, the professional stocking tease then has all the time she needs to really set to work.

Just so long as she remembers to cross and uncross her legs, so that he can see whether or not she’s wearing panties underneath that tight black miniskirt…

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office girls in stockings

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