Secretary Short Skirt Stocking Tease

Now of all the sexy secretaries working at the office, blonde tease Hayley-Marie is without doubt the Boss’s favorite. This office tease is capable of wearing the most audacious secretary outfits that would make lesser office girls look slutty. The Boss is not slow to notice this, and reward her with a discreet pay rise. Everyday he approaches her from behind, pats her on the ass, and compliments her on her short skirt and stockings combination, while discreetly slipping notes into her pocket. But this secretary stocking tease can do much better than this. She wants to show the Boss her thigh high boots, but she daren’t wear them to the office in case the other office girls get a little too bitchy, and the office males a little too rabid. So tonight after work, she’s invited the Boss round to her place to give him a private fashion show.

“Okay Sir, you can open your eyes now…”

stocking tease

“Care to follow me?”

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only tease

costume fetish


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