Secretary In Stockings Flashing Her Suspenders And Panties

stocking tease

It’s always the quiet ones, or the ones in glasses, or whatever the cliche is these days. The office “dark horse” is the one to watch out for, because she’s the one with a smoldering sexuality burning underneath that blouse and miniskirt. She won’t flaunt her sex around the office, in the way that the blonde sirens do. No, this sexy secretary will just quietly get on with her work, until someone of genuine importance comes along. Like her Boss, for example. The man who took a chance on employing her, and to whom she feels obliged. Whenever the Boss drops by in the office, this secretary stocking tease offers him a smile, takes off her glasses and “allows” her skirt to ride up her leg. She’s showing not only her stocking tops, but also her suspenders and panties.

All of which we’re bought, incidentally, by that lovely new pay increase the Boss has given her. He’s the generous type, and she’s the obliging sort. She’s got the hang of being a businesswoman already…

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