Mature Office Boss In Stockings And Short Skirt

Now the humble office males on this blog seem to have a hard time getting anywhere near the sexy secretaries and teasing office girls, who wear their short skirts and stockings solely to please the Boss. Might I suggest, then, a little change of scenery? Perhaps an office with a mature female Boss might be more to Sir’s liking? I don’t know if you have a craving for office milfs, or even if you’re young enough haha! But consider this…if a sexy office milf in stockings takes a liking to you, you might find bestowed upon you the kind of perks and privileges that a male Boss reserves for his sexy teasing secretary. No need to mention anything here…just the little office delights that keep the parts oiled and in perfect working order.

And if you’re really good, and looking from a really good angle, you might find that your milf boss turns into quite the stocking tease

stocking tease

Did Teacher ever show you this much thigh?

See the full office short skirt and stockings scene here

only tease

naughty office


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