Leather Miniskirt And Black Stockings Secretary In Strappy High Heels

stocking tease

Every sexy secretary deserves an artistic flourish. She’s earned her spurs, she’s teased all the guys in the office. She’s an accomplished flirt, the sweetest of sweet talkers, and she’s even got the Boss wrapped around her little finger. So this naughty office girl is entitled to take a few liberties with regard to her working uniform. Nowhere in the dress code does it say that a leather miniskirt is disallowed, but she knows it’s a bit risky and a bit cheeky. And when she bends over the desk, and that tight skirt rides up her thighs and shows her stocking tops, this sexy stocking tease knows she’s got the captive attention of all the guys in the office.

But of course, there’s only one man whose opinion really matters. So when the Boss calls her into his office to discuss that pay increase, she can be forgiven for working her hips just a little as her high heels slide across the hardwood floor…

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